Global insurance rates remain stable

In Canada and abroad, financial and professional lines of business declined in 2023.

SOCIETY | February 12 2024 10:26AM
United States insurers slow their investment in private equity

AM Best report finds private equity investments rose just 3.3 per cent in 2022.

INVESTMENT | October 04 2023 10:41AM
Insuramore publishes global ranking of insurer groups

Canada home to 21 companies with gross direct premiums exceeding USD $1-billion.

SOCIETY | October 03 2023 10:44AM
Regulator report says defined benefits pension plans performed well in 2022

Minimum required contributions for 2023 expected to go up by three per cent from 2022.

LIFE INSURANCE | September 01 2023 02:20PM
Loan delinquency on the rise for credit unions

Regulator’s quarterly report also shows slowed profitability.

INVESTMENT | August 31 2023 03:58PM
Dedicated reinsurance capital saw decline in 2022

Experts point to mark-to-market investment losses among factors affecting reinsurance industry.

INVESTMENT | August 31 2023 09:52AM
Sun Life discusses record-breaking year in the pension risk transfer market

Annuity yields improve compared to provincial bond yields, fuelling fiercely competitive market.

LIFE INSURANCE | August 04 2023 10:30AM