Real GDP expected to now contract

Forecasters surveyed by The Conference Board of Canada have now dramatically changed their near-term projections for the

INVESTMENT | April 24 2020 01:53PM
COVID-19: Businesses must adapt before the next crisis

Just as the economic crisis of 1929 marked a generation’s attitude toward debt, the COVID-19 crisis will probably shape

ENTREPRENEURSHIP | April 23 2020 02:38PM
Growing number of firms halt salary increases

The number of North American companies delaying or cancelling salary increases for employees grew from 14 per cent to 32

ENTREPRENEURSHIP | April 23 2020 10:01AM
Recession expected to last less than a year, says CFA survey

About 60% of chartered financial analysts from Montreal expect the recession to last less than one year in Canada, while

INVESTMENT | April 23 2020 09:30AM
COVID-19: Life insurers better capitalized than in 2008

According to DBRS Morningstar, life insurers have larger capital reserves than they did before the financial crisis of 2

LIFE INSURANCE | April 22 2020 09:50AM
Pension plans urge Ottawa to ease obligations

In a letter sent to Lynn Hemmings, Director General, Financial Sector Policy Branch, the Association of Canadian Pension

LIFE INSURANCE | April 21 2020 10:50AM
Tax authorities harden their stance

Three years ago, the Canada Revenue Agency and Revenu Québec announced their intention to charge MGAs sales tax. The thr

LIFE INSURANCE | April 21 2020 08:10AM