The year of digital sales platforms and telemedicine

The pandemic has ushered in a slew of challenges. 2020 has accelerated a massive digital shift in the life and health in…

LIFE INSURANCE | December 28 2020 10:00AM
MIB Index shows increase in Canadian life insurance applications

The American firm MIB Group has just launched an index on the growth of life insurance applications in Canada. The index…

LIFE INSURANCE | December 21 2020 04:30PM
Mutual fund and ETF sales rise in November

Mutual fund and ETF net sales and assets were up significantly in November compared to a month earlier.

INVESTMENT | December 21 2020 11:55AM
Insurers seek to meet higher expectations

[SPECIAL REPORT] Insurers are striving to meet higher customer experience expectations set by companies such as Amazon. …

P&C | December 18 2020 09:30AM
More families buying life insurance this year

The bulk of Canadians believe life insurance is a priority.

LIFE INSURANCE | December 17 2020 11:35AM
VietinBank and Manulife announce bancassurance partnership

VietinBank and Manulife have announced an exclusive 16-year bancassurance partnership.

LIFE INSURANCE | December 14 2020 12:30PM
Universal Life Insurance: A Portrait of Canada's Offering

At least 17 products exist in Canada, each with distinct characteristics.

LIFE INSURANCE | December 09 2020 09:34AM