FP Canada sounds the alarm about unconscious spending

Convenience payments made using credit cards just one example cited in new consumer survey.

SOCIETY | November 25 2022 10:27AM
Task force launched to explore technology’s impact on financial planning

Organizations explore how technology can enhance planning and increase Canadian’s access to it.

SOCIETY | October 21 2022 10:46AM
FP Canada announces top three June exam challengers

Top Certified Financial Planner exam candidates added to president’s list.

INVESTMENT | September 14 2022 10:18AM
Ontario regulator approves another credential

The Canadian Securities Institute's Designated Financial Services Advisor (DFSA) designation can now be a credential for…

SOCIETY | September 02 2022 05:02PM
FP Canada looks back on its 2021-2022 accomplishments

The last 12 months have been successful for FP Canada, says president.

SOCIETY | August 22 2022 09:42AM
Top financial planning exam-takers recognized

FP Canada has announced the names of the individuals who received the top scores for the May 2022 sitting of the Qualife…

INVESTMENT | July 27 2022 10:35AM
Qualified Associate Financial Planner exam results released

FP Canada says 186 candidates from across Canada attempted the QAFP exam.

INVESTMENT | July 13 2022 10:19AM