Digital twin technology lending a hand to the banking, finance and insurance sector

Industry expert report shows adoption is on the rise.

SOCIETY | August 25 2023 01:46PM
Industry expert publishes global reinsurance outlook

Reinsurers are under renewed pressures to meet their cost of capital.

P&C | August 24 2023 10:30AM
Financial services industry experiences hike in cyber attacks in 2022

Digital fraud rose by 20 per cent from 2021, according to industry report.

P&C | August 23 2023 10:48AM
Personalized insurance coming for users of car subscription service

Pay-as-you go car business joins hands with digital insurance company.

P&C | August 21 2023 09:53AM
Getting to know the industry’s newest clients

Report discusses truths and myths about Gen Z and their worldview.

SOCIETY | August 17 2023 03:31PM
Digital advances that aid in estimating insurable values

Following the Verisk transaction, the Opta team now has access to technologies and data that are helpful in better evalu…

P&C | August 17 2023 10:55AM
Working group finalizes new data standards

New, clear labeling in eDocs to save brokers and insurers time and money.

SOCIETY | August 16 2023 03:30PM