APEXA: Membership growing despite hurdles

APEXA is still gaining members, but many MGAs worry about the mounting costs of enrolling life and health insurance advi…

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Managing general agents navigate multiple challenges

Consolidation. Thinner margins. The technology lag. Lack of recruitment. The challenges are many for managing general ag…

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MGAs owned by insurers say independence continues to be valued

As consolidation changes the face of some businesses, others say being owned by larger companies – insurance manufacture…

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Industry should take careful approach when adopting disruptive technologies

Industries contemplating using the nascent blockchain technology in hopes of disrupting their individual markets should …

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APEXA expects to sign on more insurers and MGAs

More insurance companies and MGAs are set to sign up with APEXA in the coming weeks and months, ensuring the web-based s…

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RGAx to buy LOGiQ3 Group

RGAx, a subsidiary of Reinsurance Group of America, announced Jan. 8 that it will acquire LOGiQ3 Inc.

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APEXA aims to be adopted as industry standard

They didn’t pop champagne corks, but there were high-fives all around August 8 when APEXA, the cloud-based advisor contr…

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