Reinsurer forecasts 40 per cent growth in the industry’s investment income by 2027

Asset management and competitive product offerings expected to be differentiators.

INVESTMENT | June 17 2024 10:48AM
Emerging risks: 16 potential threats to the industry

Emerging risks are those that are new and challenging and difficult to quantify.

SOCIETY | June 13 2024 10:40AM
Higher interest rates transforming outlook for life insurers’ growth and profitability

This is thanks to higher investment incomes and global life savings premiums which are expected to double in the coming …

LIFE INSURANCE | May 29 2024 10:18AM
Fund managers concerned by climate change

Weather to play an increasing role in investment decisions.

SOCIETY | May 06 2024 10:30AM
Global insured catastrophe losses expected to grow

The fastest growing category of catastrophes is medium-severity events, says new report.

P&C | April 30 2024 03:00PM
Global insured losses exceed USD $100-billion for fourth consecutive year

Even without a historic storm on the books, frequency makes losses severe in 2023.

P&C | March 27 2024 10:27AM
Social conflicts and riots: a surge in related damages

Urbanization over the past 50 years has increased exposure to risks

P&C | March 15 2024 03:21PM