Natural remedy: Biodiversity generates billions in healthcare savings

Reinsurer’s study estimates the impact of access to green space in urban areas on health care costs

HEALTH | October 21 2021 02:16PM
Insurers can expect a more vigorous post-pandemic recovery than after previous crisis

One reinsurer predicts that the post-pandemic recovery will be stronger than that of the 2008 stock market crisis.

SOCIETY | September 13 2021 05:03PM
COVID-19 claims: Uncertainty lingers in commercial insurance

A reinsurer explains why.

P&C | September 08 2021 08:01AM
Strong demand for insurance will mitigate impact of inflation

Insurers should be less affected by inflation than other economic sectors, one reinsurer predicts.

SOCIETY | August 31 2021 02:00PM
Natural disasters: Insured losses rise as economic losses fall

Catastrophe losses exhibit unnatural pattern in first half of 2021.

SOCIETY | August 05 2021 12:08PM
Inflation could push up claims for property and casualty insurers

Reinsurer Swiss Re broke down the scenario in an economic note released on July 15.

P&C | July 23 2021 02:00PM
Emerging risks: The dangers of the economic recovery

Swiss Re has identified a series of pitfalls for insurers as the post-COVID-19 recovery gets underway.

SOCIETY | July 20 2021 09:34AM