Industry must address climate risk

Climate change and the frequency and intensity of climate risk “is a clear and present danger” warns Don Forgeron, presi…

P&C | April 01 2021 10:30AM
Pandemic accelerated insurance industry’s evolution

The insurance industry has undergone a rapid transformation since the beginning of COVID-19 – but it still has a long wa…

LIFE INSURANCE | March 26 2021 09:50AM
Economical boosts its capacities

The insurer is partnering with a reinsurer to better serve clients with international interests.

P&C | March 24 2021 11:38AM
COVID-19: Propelling online insurance purchasing and algorithms

A reinsurer explores the landscape.

SOCIETY | March 01 2021 10:31AM
Brokerslink launches program to drive digitalization

New Brokerslink program will let brokers consolidate all types of risk.

P&C | November 25 2020 11:30AM
COVID-19: systemic crisis looms

Mega-reinsurer Swiss Re fears that COVID-19 may trigger a systemic crisis, although industrial countries are collectivel…

SOCIETY | April 20 2020 01:00PM
Insurers shying away from large coverage amounts

Insurers are increasingly limiting the amounts they agree to insure at the standard rate in level cost policies. With i…

LIFE INSURANCE , HEALTH | April 17 2012 07:09PM