Private equity eyeing the insurance sector

Investment in distribution consolidation and insurtechs will dominate transactions.

INVESTMENT | November 16 2023 10:59AM
New Quadrus president actively integrating Excel

Tim Prescott's successor is about to wrap up the transfer of Excel Private Wealth clients and is forming his Québec team…

INVESTMENT | April 25 2022 10:10AM
Report identifies three moves insurers must take in the face of COVID-19

COVID-19 has long-term effects for life insurers.

LIFE INSURANCE | August 20 2021 10:54AM
Insurers must build new businesses to survive

New business models required to ensure longevity of all kinds of insurance, says report.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP | June 08 2021 09:30AM
Smaller M&A deals create more value in insurance: McKinsey

A new report for McKinsey & Company shows that large merger deals in the insurance industry in North America are enticin…

SOCIETY | April 06 2021 10:00AM
Tourism will rebound faster than business travel

A consulting firm forecasts.

SOCIETY | February 23 2021 01:12PM
Insurance leaders need to take more action on climate change

Insurance companies need to address the issue of climate change right at the top – at the CEO level, according to speake…

SOCIETY | January 11 2021 10:30AM