CI proposes fixed administration fees

CI Investments is proposing to implement fixed administration fees for each series of 19 CI exchange-traded funds.

INVESTMENT | September 25 2020 12:00PM
Mackenzie Investments launches new ETFs

Mackenzie Investments is introducing nine new Exchange Traded Funds.

INVESTMENT | September 24 2020 09:00AM
RBC iShares expands ETF line-up

RBC iShares has added two new fixed income ETFs to its exchange traded fund lineup.

INVESTMENT | September 23 2020 01:32PM
Investors’ interest in socially responsible funds on the rise

Interest in socially responsible funds is increasing, but advisors aren’t the ones providing much information on the top…

INVESTMENT | September 23 2020 09:15AM
New ETF to help retirees meet financial challenges

Vanguard Investments Canada has listed a new all-in-one and low-cost retirement income ETF, adding to its line-up of ass…

INVESTMENT | September 18 2020 12:00PM
ETFs and ETPs assets hit US $7 trillion

Assets invested in ETFs and ETPs listed globally have broken through the US $7-trillion milestone at the end of August, …

INVESTMENT | September 11 2020 01:30PM
ETFs outsell funds in July

Mutual fund sales were off month-over-month in July 2020, coming in higher than July 2019 numbers but lower than June 20…

INVESTMENT | August 21 2020 02:28PM