Younger workers show strong interest in virtual healthcare

Seventy-two per cent of working Canadians indicate that they would perceive their employer in a more positive light if t

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Alister Campbell joins Finaeo’s Board

Finaeo, an insurtech, announced Jan. 14 that Alister Campbell has joined the company’s Board of Directors. An industr

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Sidestep legacy system problems and start from scratch: Oliver Wyman

Financial services firms across the board are saddled with legacy systems where it is difficult to meet customer needs a

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The impact of the Internet of Things on insurance

Technological development and its significant presence in consumers' lives is altering the world of insurance. This i

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The pace of innovation is accelerating

The life and health insurance sector appears determined to innovate. Fintechs are helping them along this groundbreaking

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Advisors and journalists: taking on challenges together

Brokers, advisors, firms: you have all surely pondered your future in 2019, as you have done over the past few years. In

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Mastering the top four financial stressors

Financial technology company Mogo has redesigned its mobile app to make it easier for Canadians to master the four habit

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