Climate change is transforming the insurance industry

Five years ago, even among insurance company executives, climate change was something only discussed on occasion.

SOCIETY | January 24 2022 10:33AM
Former State Farm, Desjardins exec appointed to FSRA board of directors

FSRA chair, Joanne De Laurentiis welcomed the appointment.

P&C | August 19 2021 10:10AM
Eleven insurance organizations form new pro-climate lobby

Insurance industry actors have joined forces with municipal governments, indigenous organizations, environmental non-gov…

SOCIETY | June 30 2021 12:15PM
Earthquakes: Insurance industry now ready to handle an $11 billion hit without much suffering

Insurers are now more than ready to face the costs arising from a major earthquake, even one so big that it only happens…

LIFE INSURANCE | October 19 2004 08:07PM