Severe weather caused $3.1-billion in insured damage in 2022

Industry association calls for action on national flood insurance, adaptation and infrastructure.

P&C | January 20 2023 10:55AM
Beneva drops prescription requirements to soothe physicians

The insurer says it is addressing concerns about time-consuming insurance paperwork.

HEALTH | January 16 2023 10:59AM
Insurers still hesitant to consider chronic pain as a disease

Yet the World Health Organization recognized this condition in 2019.

HEALTH | January 13 2023 10:45AM
Natural disasters: Climate change costing insurers dearly

Two natural disasters in 2022 have made the list of the 10 worst insured losses in Canadian history.

SOCIETY | December 30 2022 10:30AM
BMO earning: Declines of 10.6% in wealth management, 5.1% in insurance

The financial institution announced the fiscal 2022 results of these two segments.

SOCIETY | December 13 2022 10:49AM
Majority of companies have experienced a cybersecurity incident in the past year

Cisco survey finds 62 per cent of organizations say incidents have impacted business operations.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP | December 09 2022 10:52AM
RBC earnings in 2022: Down 3.6% in insurance, up 19.7% in wealth management

The financial institution announced the year-end results of these two segments for 2022.

SOCIETY | December 08 2022 10:55AM