Climate change is transforming the insurance industry

Five years ago, even among insurance company executives, climate change was something only discussed on occasion.

SOCIETY | January 24 2022 10:33AM
The road to carbon neutrality could be messy

“Messy means that we may not get off oil and gas and get to electric grids with hydro power in a seamless fashion,” says…

SOCIETY | January 14 2022 10:20AM
Canadian companies face digital skills shortage

Companies that want to push digital transformation forward will first have to deal with an acute skills shortage, says a…

INVESTMENT | January 05 2022 03:46PM
COVID-19: First two waves affected mortality

The Canadian Institute of Actuaries reports that the first two waves of the pandemic triggered an upsurge in life insura…

LIFE INSURANCE | January 05 2022 10:30AM
Hybrid work promoters have issues to work through

Compromise will be necessary when it comes to hybrid work arrangements, says study.

SOCIETY | January 04 2022 04:01PM
10 notable acquisitions from 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has not stopped the consolidation trend underway in the insurance industry. Insurance Portal is hi…

INVESTMENT | January 04 2022 10:35AM
Most popular articles of 2021

As 2021 comes to a close, the Insurance Portal invites you to read or re-read our 10 most popular articles of the year.

SOCIETY | January 04 2022 09:30AM