Majority of employees surveyed say COVID and diversity policies not genuine

Catalyst survey examines the impact that virtue signalling can have on employee burnout and future employment intentions…

LIFE INSURANCE | June 24 2022 10:39AM
Telemedicine: Provider-insurer partnerships multiplying

HealthTech companies have multiplied, as have their partnerships with insurers.

HEALTH | June 13 2022 10:50AM
The four main stresses on global financial resilience

A number of stresses on global financial resilience have come into play that the world has not seen in some time, the re…

INVESTMENT | June 10 2022 10:50AM
New movement to improve sustainability of healthcare in Canada

Framework to assess Canada's health systems across seven key areas.

INVESTMENT | June 09 2022 09:00AM
Canadians’ mental health slowly improving

The Mental Health Index rose slightly in April for the third month in a row, but one in two Canadians claim they are mor…

HEALTH | May 27 2022 10:59AM
Property & casualty insurance market gradually improving

Aon's most recent quarterly report on the global insurance market trends confirms the recovery seen at the end of last y…

P&C | May 25 2022 02:19PM
Mental health: workplaces in crisis mode

COVID-19 has increased the number of Canadians suffering from mental health distress, but while it has enabled some peop…

HEALTH | May 20 2022 10:32AM