Sustainable claims processes save cooperative millions

Technologies drive affordability and practicality of more environmentally conscious choices.

P&C | June 14 2024 10:39AM
Auto theft claims exceed $1-billion in Ontario alone

A review of claims costs reveals increases over 1,000 per cent in at least three cities.

P&C | June 05 2024 10:17AM
Natural catastrophe losses globally exceed $43-billion

The shift from El Niño to La Niña being watched closely by reinsurer.

P&C | April 23 2024 10:45AM
National Flood Insurance Program promised again in budget

The federal government's budget also includes an announcement that pleased property and casualty insurance brokers.

P&C | April 18 2024 10:48AM
Commercial truck driver training lacking

Industry report warns that inadequate driver training puts road safety in jeopardy.

P&C | April 11 2024 10:45AM
Most Canadian homeowners do not carry sufficient coverage

Study shows 80 per cent of Canadian homeowners lack sufficient insurance.

P&C | March 20 2024 10:42AM
Impaired driving: Surprises at the emergency room

Studies report an increase in the proportion of drivers with THC blood levels above legal limits.

HEALTH | January 08 2024 10:29AM