Ontario: Mother Nature caused millions in damage on September 7

Aon revealed the details in its weekly climate report.

P&C | September 14 2021 08:21AM
Hurricane Ida’s track could cost insurers up to $25 billion

However, it will be months before the final amount is known: many factors may boost the bill.

P&C | September 09 2021 08:32AM
Natural disasters: Intact projects claims costs

The insurer’s Q2 2021 results contain revised forecasts.

P&C | August 13 2021 08:32AM
Forest fires in British Columbia: Intact unveils its field efforts

Senior executive gives financial analysts the details.

P&C | August 13 2021 08:25AM
Winter disasters reigned supreme in the first half of 2021

Winter storms were the main loss driver in the first six months of the year – a climate-related first.

P&C | August 10 2021 02:15PM
Natural disasters: Insured losses rise as economic losses fall

Catastrophe losses exhibit unnatural pattern in first half of 2021.

SOCIETY | August 05 2021 12:08PM
The Co-operators reports 286 per cent increase in net income

Rob Wesseling, President and CEO, explains this stellar growth.

P&C | August 02 2021 02:24PM