Discretionary trading lands investment representative $15,000 fine

Regulator says use of unapproved sales materials contrary to rules.

INVESTMENT | August 17 2023 10:26AM
Pension plans purchase a record number of annuities

The market for group annuities, designed to secure retirement benefits for collective pension plans, reached nearly $8-b…

LIFE INSURANCE | July 13 2023 10:59AM
Life insurance: Financial results of 25 insurers in Canada in 2022

Life insurance companies boosted their net income in 2022 compared with the previous year.

LIFE INSURANCE | June 22 2023 10:55AM
BMO: Earnings plunge 78 per cent in second quarter

The financial institution increased its provisions for credit losses.

SOCIETY | June 08 2023 10:51AM
Representative sanctioned and fined $40,000 for off-book transactions

Facilitated purchases after firm repeatedly denied request to lift moratorium on cannabis investing.

INVESTMENT | May 03 2023 10:43AM
Failure to cooperate with regulator ends in permanent ban and $40,000 penalty

Terminated and retired representative sanctioned for not participating in investigation.

INVESTMENT | April 12 2023 10:42AM
$1-million not enough to retire on says wealth management firm

Many people misguided by outdated information, according to IG Wealth Management.

SOCIETY | February 08 2023 10:43AM