Canadians experiencing increasing levels of anxiety and depression

Levels of moderate to severe anxiety, loneliness and feelings of depression are as high as early on in the pandemic, fou…

SOCIETY | January 27 2022 10:36AM
Mental health issues can no longer be ignored

Mental health issues now affect 500,000 Canadians every day with costs of about $51 billion a year, a Beneva webinar was…

HEALTH | October 07 2021 09:01AM
Pandemic accelerated insurance industry’s evolution

The insurance industry has undergone a rapid transformation since the beginning of COVID-19 – but it still has a long wa…

LIFE INSURANCE | March 26 2021 09:50AM
Ontario adults reporting more mental health problems

A study released today by the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) found that mental health problems among adul…

HEALTH | January 22 2019 01:30PM
Insurers explore new ways to help employees suffering from mental illness

A number of life insurance companies are ramping up their efforts to bring employees off the job due to mental health is…

HEALTH | March 20 2018 07:00AM
Manulife announces five pilot programs for new treatments

Manulife today announced five pilot programs aimed at finding new ways to deliver treatment to its group plan members.

HEALTH | November 30 2017 09:45AM
BMO announces $21 million gift to seven Toronto hospitals

BMO Financial Group today announced a $21 million gift to seven academic hospitals affiliated with the University of Tor…

SOCIETY | September 15 2017 01:30PM