Full impact of COVID-19 claims on insurers remains to be seen

Insurance pricing is up across most lines and classes globally, says a new report by Aon plc.

SOCIETY | February 19 2021 02:49PM
Western storms in January caused $134-million in insured damages

Two winter storms caused insured damages across British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan.

P&C | February 19 2021 02:00PM
New program alerts customers to water leaks, pipe freezing

Munich Re has introduced a turnkey alert system for water leaks.

P&C | November 26 2020 01:50PM
Insurers’ benefits payments reach a record $103-billion in 2019

The Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association says Canadians received $103-billion in benefits from life and health…

LIFE INSURANCE | September 16 2020 03:03PM
Business Interruption: Intact’s position solid

The insurer says its position is solid when it comes to potential lawsuits over operational losses due to business inter…

P&C | August 14 2020 09:10AM
Most of Intact’s auto claims handled remotely

Achievement powered by artificial intelligence tools, the insurer says.

P&C | August 13 2020 09:15AM
COVID hammers Desjardins Group earnings

Desjardins Group has posted a significant decline in surplus earnings during the second quarter and for the six months e…

INVESTMENT | August 12 2020 10:15AM