Roughly 20 per cent of mandatory premiums in Alberta go to support litigation costs

Report shows costs paid to claimants has fallen while expenses associated with litigation have risen.

SOCIETY | September 27 2023 10:36AM
Alberta and Prairie storms cause more than $300-million in insured losses

Industry pressured by increasing losses and current provincial rate pause.

P&C | September 21 2023 10:45AM
Credit card fraud leads to three-year license suspension

Fine and remedial course work also ordered in case where agent stopped cooperating with regulator.

INVESTMENT | September 21 2023 10:42AM
Insurance Bureau of Canada calls on government to address auto theft

Association says spiking auto theft claims requires a whole-of-society approach to address.

P&C | September 12 2023 10:46AM
Digital twin technology lending a hand to the banking, finance and insurance sector

Industry expert report shows adoption is on the rise.

SOCIETY | August 25 2023 01:46PM
Industry expert publishes global reinsurance outlook

Reinsurers are under renewed pressures to meet their cost of capital.

P&C | August 24 2023 10:30AM
Digital advances that aid in estimating insurable values

Following the Verisk transaction, the Opta team now has access to technologies and data that are helpful in better evalu…

P&C | August 17 2023 10:55AM