Insurance CEOs discuss outlook at recent financial summit

Distribution, acquistions and excess capital deployment all top of mind for executives.

SOCIETY | September 27 2023 10:58AM
Regulator revokes license for fraud, demonstrated untrustworthiness

Firm distances itself, saying agent is stepping back from her career to pursue philanthropic efforts.

INVESTMENT | September 08 2023 10:41AM
Executives share views on industry modernization ahead of November conference

Canadian carriers need to balance the use of technology with delivering returns and meeting customer demands.

SOCIETY | August 09 2023 03:15PM
Sun Life discusses record-breaking year in the pension risk transfer market

Annuity yields improve compared to provincial bond yields, fuelling fiercely competitive market.

LIFE INSURANCE | August 04 2023 10:30AM
Benefits Alliance and Pocketpills join online pharmacy landscape

Additional entrants to online pharmacy space also promise to improve medication adherence.

HEALTH | August 03 2023 10:43AM
Sun Life virtual pharmacy to promote treatment adherence

Service offered on the Lumino Health platform aims to help clients take their medications correctly.

HEALTH | August 01 2023 10:58AM
Sun Life the best offer on the table according to Dialogue

Company tested the market with a call for bids before saying yes to Sun Life.

HEALTH | July 28 2023 10:55AM