A veteran of the Client Management Software industry returns

He is competing against his own legacy with a more data-centric application.

LIFE INSURANCE | April 15 2024 10:45AM
Commercial real estate adversely affects insurers’ 2023 financial results

Recent deterioration has negative impact on earnings; capital levels not affected.

LIFE INSURANCE | March 22 2024 10:57AM
Insurers coordinate to execute annuity buy-out deal for Ford of Canada

Majority of private defined benefit pension plans in Canada remain unsecured by annuities.

LIFE INSURANCE | February 22 2024 09:42AM
Sun Life earnings up 11 per cent in 2023

The company published its quarterly and annual results Feb. 7.

LIFE INSURANCE | February 19 2024 10:59AM
BMO Insurance considers higher profile going forward

Insurance is a social good which needs to be promoted.

SOCIETY | February 08 2024 10:45AM
Several new developments in permanent life insurance

Insurers emphasize lifetime security and performance.

LIFE INSURANCE | January 15 2024 10:45AM
Mergers and acquisitions: key transactions of 2023

The consolidation continues across various sectors of the insurance industry.

INVESTMENT | January 02 2024 10:30AM