Canadians unsure where to find virtual care services

Once just an emerging trend, with the COVID-19 pandemic virtual health care has fully emerged as a necessary part of hea

HEALTH | June 19 2020 12:26PM
COVID-19: Insurers refine processes

Aside from insurance limits, insurers are expanding other components of their digital process to accommodate advisors du

LIFE INSURANCE | June 18 2020 04:30PM
More than half of Canadians say pandemic is impacting their mental health

More than half of Canadians report that COVID-19 is having a negative impact on their mental health, according to a rece

SOCIETY | May 13 2020 12:47PM
Sun Life Financial’s first quarter net income drops 37%

Sun Life Financial Inc. has reported net income of $391-million for the first quarter of 2020, compared to $623-million

LIFE INSURANCE | May 06 2020 10:10AM
COVID-19: Life insurers’ measures

P&C; insurers are not the only firms that have taken measures to mitigate the effects of the COVID-19 crisis. Life insur

LIFE INSURANCE | May 04 2020 10:45AM
Managing general agents navigate multiple challenges

Consolidation. Thinner margins. The technology lag. Lack of recruitment. The challenges are many for managing general ag

LIFE INSURANCE | April 27 2020 03:00PM
Insurers remain varying degrees

Following the acquisitions of MGAs such as Financial Horizons Group, PPI and Aurrea Signature, who will be next? Insurer

LIFE INSURANCE | April 21 2020 08:20AM