Agent sanctioned for failing to maintain errors and omissions coverage

He must pay $1000 plus costs.

P&C | November 25 2022 10:36AM
Saskatchewan firm fined for business insurance lapse

Misconduct includes failing to inform regulator about missing errors and omissions insurance coverage.

P&C | October 17 2022 10:42AM
Firm fined for failing to disclose litigation against it

Saskatchewan insurance council imposes penalty after firm fails to disclose legal actions commenced.

LIFE INSURANCE | September 14 2022 04:00PM
Saskatchewan regulator issues warning letter for unlicensed activity

No financial penalties levied in agreement between council, agent and his firm.

P&C | September 08 2022 10:20AM
Firm fined for not reporting withdrawal of agent’s license recommendation

Saskatchewan firm admits misconduct, pays fine and costs.

P&C | July 07 2022 04:11PM
Rep fined for failure to disclose criminal code conviction

It was found that the representative failed to disclose a criminal code conviction and allowed businesses to operate und…

LIFE INSURANCE | June 02 2022 10:13AM
Saskatchewan regulator issues fine for firm’s unlicensed activity

It was not licensed with General Insurance Council of Saskatchewan council or registered with the Information Services C…

P&C | March 16 2022 10:14AM