Registered retirement savings plan contributions resume downward trend

Downward trajectory continues following peak pandemic years

SOCIETY | April 03 2024 10:10AM
Life insurance associations urge government to make tax changes

Organization says Canada is the only country to levy taxes on future profits.

LIFE INSURANCE | March 05 2024 04:19PM
Only 49 per cent of Canadians are investing in RESPs

Many Canadian parents need expert guidance and financial advice to help them make the most of the Registered Education S…

INVESTMENT | September 09 2021 05:34PM
Canada Revenue Agency issues warning about TFSA scheme

Scheme promoters are claiming that individuals can transfer funds RRSPs or RRIFs into TFSAs without paying taxes.

INVESTMENT | May 13 2021 03:36PM
Canadians increase RRSP holdings despite COVID-19

Despite the financial challenges brought on by COVID-19, Canadians increased the amounts they are holding in their RRSPs…

INVESTMENT | February 17 2021 02:42PM
Canadians not maximizing the benefits of TFSAs

TFSAs remain a popular savings vehicle, but Canadians aren’t aware of all the benefits.

INVESTMENT | December 17 2020 12:41PM
Assumption Life rolls out digital fund distribution

Assumption Life has launched an application platform that lets advisors complete investment product sales online.

LIFE INSURANCE | October 26 2020 03:05PM