Insurtech Goose Insurance Services, in partnership with Lloyd's of London and MSH International (Canada), has launched a travel insurance policy that specifically covers COVID-19. This stand-alone annual, multi-trip insurance provides coverage of up to $500,000 for pandemic-related emergency medical treatment while travelling.

The COVID-19 (Pandemic) policy covers people under age 75 who travel 200 km or more away from their principal residence, such as to another province, or outside Canada, Goose Insurance co-founder Omar Kaywan told the Insurance Portal. For example, a Montrealer who travelled to Ottawa would be covered, as would a person living in Vancouver who travelled to Kelowna.

There are presently no country restrictions, apart from destinations that have a war or terrorism advisory. The COVID-19 (Pandemic) policy among the few products of its kind sold in Canada without a rider or additional guarantee that covers the United States for the coronavirus. Note that the coverage does not cover terminal illness, travel against a physician’s advice or any pre-existing condition.

Goose Insurance at a glance

Goose's mobile application was launched in August 2018. It offers a self-service solution and instant access to life and travel insurance.

The life insurance offering notably includes coverage for critical illness and cancer. Travel insurance provides medical and trip cancellation coverage.

The Vancouver-based insurtech will soon offer home and mobility insurance for motorists, cyclists and scooter riders.

The online insurer currently serves British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec and Nova Scotia in Canada, and Washington, Oregon, Illinois, Georgia, New Jersey and Texas in the US.