The Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association (CLHIA) is warning consumers to be aware of incorrect social media claims stating that people who get a COVID-19 vaccine shot will not be able to get life insurance or may be denied other benefits. 

In a statement, the CLHIA, which represents Canada’s life and health insurance companies, said getting a COVID-19 vaccine will not have any effect on a person’s ability to get coverage or benefits from life insurance or supplementary health insurance. 

Claims have no basis in fact, says CLHIA 

Anything to the contrary has no basis in fact whatsoever, said the CLHIA. “All of Canada’s life and health insurers are supportive of Canadians receiving government approved vaccinations to protect themselves from serious illness and death.” 

In fact, the country’s life and health insurers stress that vaccination is one of the most effective ways to protect people and others from serious illness and death from COVID-19. Receiving the vaccine will also not affect a person’s individual or workplace life or health insurance benefits, or the ability to apply for future coverage. 
As with any medication approved for use in Canada, the COVID-19 vaccines have been found safe and effective through Health Canada’s independent scientific and medical assessment process.