People want to continue with virtual care after pandemic

Virtual healthcare good for those with issues other than health.

HEALTH | June 22 2021 06:38PM
Three groups urge Ottawa to move forward on pharmacare program

Canadians have trouble paying for drugs, showing need for universal pharmacare, say groups.

LIFE INSURANCE | February 18 2021 08:35AM
Canada is facing a youth vaping crisis

Eight in ten Canadians are concerned about youth vaping and nearly nine in ten want quick government action before the e…

HEALTH | March 10 2020 01:00PM
Heart and Stroke Foundation calls for e-cigarette regulation

The Heart and Stroke Foundation has called on all major political parties to commit to regulating e-cigarettes the same …

HEALTH | October 10 2019 02:00PM
Manulife and Heart & Stroke Foundation launch Mother's Day fundraising campaign

Heart & Stroke and Manulife have launched a Mother's Day campaign aimed at raising funds for women's heart disease and s…

SOCIETY | May 03 2019 09:30AM
Desjardins encouraging healthy lifestyles and disease prevention

Desjardins is teaming up with the Heart & Stroke Foundation and the Canadian Cancer Society to highlight healthy lifesty…

LIFE INSURANCE | August 24 2018 01:30PM
Cowan Insurance golf tournaments raise $125,000 to help launch Habitat for Humanity youth initiative

Cowan Insurance Group and The Cowan Foundation have raised $125,000 for Habitat for Humanity’s Every Youth initiative th…

LIFE INSURANCE | September 13 2017 09:45AM