Desjardins is teaming up with the Heart & Stroke Foundation and the Canadian Cancer Society to highlight healthy lifestyles and disease prevention.

In doing so, it is introducing online apps, in-home training and access to the latest nutritional information to give Canadians the tools they need to help them lead a healthier lifestyle.

A new Desjardins survey indicates that about one quarter of respondents do not believe they are in good physical health.  More than half (55%) of respondents who rated their physical activity as fair or poor were female, 45% were male.

Many shun activity

When it comes to exercise, almost 30% indicated they do not participate in any form of physical activity. And of those who do, many (26%) say the costs associated with exercise (programs, equipment, memberships, classes) require a significant financial compromise within their budget.

Recognizing that prevention and awareness are crucial to living healthy lifestyles, Desjardins is supporting the Heart & Stroke Foundation and the Canadian Cancer Society for the next three years.

Over the next three years Desjardins will donate more than $1 million to two programs. One is the Heart & Stroke’s Breakthrough Fund, created to build a network of funders, and to drive ground-breaking research and its potential impact on the health of Canadians. The other program is the Canadian Cancer Society’s It’s My Life!, an interactive, evidence-based tool that teaches people about risk factors they can modify to reduce their cancer risk by making simple changes.