Heart & Stroke and Manulife have launched a Mother's Day campaign aimed at raising funds for women's heart disease and stroke research.

The campaign encourages people to go to  www.heartandstroke.ca to make a donation and send a personalized e-card in honour of their mom. The French language website is: https://www.coeuretavc.ca/ . All donations will be matched by Manulife, up to a total amount of $250,000.

Life-saving women's research

"This Mother's Day, we're giving people in Canada a way to honour moms and show that they love them and care about their health by contributing to a campaign to fund life-saving women's research," said Geoff Craig, Chief Marketing and Development Officer, Heart & Stroke, in a May 2 statement.

"Heart disease and stroke are the leading cause of premature death for women in Canada, yet two-thirds of clinical research is focused on men, he added. “Heart & Stroke has committed to doubling the dollars we invest in researching women because most of what we know about how to diagnose and treat heart disease and stroke has been learned from research on men, but one size doesn't fit all." 

Equipping women with vital information

"Manulife is proud to become a Founding Partner of Heart & Stroke's Women's Initiative. It's important to raise awareness and increase the dialogue on the topic of heart health amongst Canadian women," says Stacey Grant-Thompson, Chief Marketing Officer, Manulife Canada. "One of our main goals is to equip women with vital information they need to live longer, healthier lives. We're excited about the innovative campaign we've developed to support that goal."