Firm warns that rising rates won’t help defined benefit plans forever

Pension sponsors have leeway to derisk, but window of opportunity is closing.

INVESTMENT | February 26 2024 04:27PM
More than $5 billion in earnings for Manulife in 2023

The company published its quarterly financial statements on Feb. 15.

LIFE INSURANCE | February 23 2024 10:58AM
Barriers remain to wider acceptance of pharmacogenomic testing

Slow uptake attributed to the fact that tests are new, not standardized and unregulated.

HEALTH | February 13 2024 10:26AM
Managing General Agency bets on share ownership to win advisors

It aims to outrival any of the big four by advisor count.

LIFE INSURANCE | February 05 2024 10:54AM
Buy-sell insurance: A safeguard in tough times

This insurance funds the buyout of a partner's shares in case of disability, even when a company lacks liquidity.

LIFE INSURANCE | January 18 2024 03:14PM
Individual insurance in 2024: clients demand quicker responses

The quest for immediacy will speed up changes in life and health insurance this year.

LIFE INSURANCE | January 18 2024 10:59AM
Representative switching firms fined $20,000 for 47 pre-signed forms

Incomplete representative change forms sent to clients for signatures.

INVESTMENT | January 15 2024 04:37PM