Health and dental benefits provider, Green Shield Canada (GSC), recently announced that it has partnered with ManagingLife, a privately held corporation in Toronto that has developed a digital solution for pain management.

The solution combines patient self-management, remote monitoring and analytics to help people with chronic pain and their healthcare providers learn more about their condition and better communicate with each other. GSC plans to offer plan members and their dependents a full subscription to the ManagingLife Manage My Pain app, at no cost for the remainder of 2020.

“With the limitations on in-person treatment as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 situation, it has never been more important to ease the burden on those suffering with chronic pain,” says GSC executive vice president of digital innovation and brand experience, David Willows. “The Manage My Pain app positions them to take control. Helping people live their healthiest lives will always be a top priority for GSC,” he adds.