Pharmacogenomics study shows link between testing and better health outcomes

“The question we were trying to answer was if clinicians are provided access to pharmacogenomic test results during rout…

HEALTH | September 24 2020 09:37AM
Telemedicine: Shoppers Drug Mart to invest $75 million in Maple

The largest drug store network in Canada is acquiring a stake in the virtual healthcare supplier.

HEALTH | September 18 2020 03:33PM
Green Shield study confirms benefits of pharmacogenomic testing

A new pharmacogenomic clinical trial study has confirmed the value of tailoring drug treatment to a person’s genetic mak…

LIFE INSURANCE | June 19 2020 10:41AM
Green Shield Canada offers pain management app to plan members

Green Shield Canada recently announced that it has partnered with ManagingLife, a company that has developed a digital s…

HEALTH | June 10 2020 11:23AM
COVID-19: Life insurers’ measures

What products were modified due to the COVID-19 pandemic? How have insurers adjusted their processes due to the situatio…

LIFE INSURANCE | May 04 2020 10:45AM
Focusing on innovation and consolidation

In 2020, life insurers and venture capital firms will be further investing in the industry to overcome challenges relate…

LIFE INSURANCE | January 10 2020 03:00PM
Green Shield partners with telemedicine provider

Green Shield Canada announced this week that it is partnering with telemedicine provider, Maple, to expand the company’s…

LIFE INSURANCE | December 12 2019 03:32PM