COVID-19: actuaries seek more robust data

The Canadian Institute of Actuaries (CIA) has asked the governments and public institutions in Canada to improve the qua

SOCIETY | May 21 2020 02:30PM
Canassurance and its executives sanctioned more than $2.3 million in administrative penalties

The Canassurance Hospital Service Association (Québec Blue Cross) and Canassurance Insurance Company, as well as some of

LIFE INSURANCE , HEALTH | March 15 2018 01:30PM
Investor Challenge to help children with disabilities

Three top Toronto investment managers will be putting their strategies to work to help Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilita

LIFE INSURANCE , INVESTMENT | January 22 2018 11:30AM
Sun Life enters partnership with children’s hospitals to fight type 2 diabetes

Sun Life has announced the launch of the Sun Life Financial Child and Youth Type 2 Diabetes Prevention Initiative, funde

LIFE INSURANCE , HEALTH | October 12 2017 01:30PM
BMO announces $21 million gift to seven Toronto hospitals

BMO Financial Group has announced a $21 million gift to seven academic hospitals affiliated with the University of Toron

SOCIETY | September 15 2017 01:30PM
Two sentenced for buying RESP leads from hospital worker

Two scholarship plan promoters have been sentenced to two years of probation, fined, and ordered to complete community s

LIFE INSURANCE | August 26 2016 11:31AM
Young Canadians put financial futures at risk if they neglect travel insurance

Freshly graduated from university with a job lined up, one young Canadian woman decided to take a vacation south of the

LIFE INSURANCE | June 14 2016 07:00AM