A Centre for Study of Insurance Operations (CSIO) eDocs working group has recently finished refining eDocs codes and descriptions. 

The working group says the resulting eDocs, with clear labels, will save brokers and insurers time and ensure industry-wide conformity. Codes and descriptions were refined for eDocs use cases including billing, claims, policy transaction, cancellation, lapse, and underwriting. 

This update is the result of a CSIO project launched earlier this year, focusing on addressing ambiguous data standards, with eDocs standardization a priority. 

The CSIO working group discovered that labelling of eDocs across broker management systems (BMS) was inconsistent, and the codes did not always reflect the contents of the document. 

Brokers would have to open eDocs to determine any required action and re-label them in their BMS. 

The process of arriving at the final eDocs updates involved consultations and focus groups with brokers, insurers, and BMS vendors to assess the problem, resolve it, and test implementation. 

“As a broker, we are thrilled to see this eDocs initiative come to fruition,” said Jeff Roy, president and chief executive officer at Excalibur Insurance Group. “The refined eDocs codes will not only reduce friction but save valuable time and money, which allows brokers to spend more time having meaningful conversations with clients.”