The Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario (FSRA) announced Jan. 20 that it is seeking new members for its Stakeholder Advisory Committees (SACs). These committees serve as consultative bodies to the regulator’s Board of Directors and management. 

“The Stakeholder Advisory Committees will serve as the voice of stakeholders to provide FSRA with input and advice on FSRA's priorities, budget, principles-based regulation, and other matters as the Board deems appropriate,” said the regulator in a statement. 

The following links provide information about the SACs mandates and selection criteria: 

FSRA says that a call for members for the Health Service Providers SAC will be announced in February. In addition, a new SAC for Financial Planners and Financial Advisors will be announced in Summer 2022, says the regulator. 

To apply to become a member of a SAC, you may fill out an application form on FSRA’s website. Applications will be accepted until Feb. 25.