The market practices committee of the Life Insurance Council of Saskatchewan has sanctioned Richard Herbert Kilburn after the agent admitted he is guilty of misconduct and violated council bylaws when he failed to meet the 15 continuing education (CE) credit hours requirement for the 2017, 2018 and 2019 reporting periods.

“The licensee waives his right to make a written submission to the committee or to appear before the committee at an oral hearing and chooses to resolve this matter by way of this agreement,” the council writes in the consensual agreement and undertaking between Kilburn and the council. Accordingly, they add, Kilburn has waived his right of appeal with respect to the action.

“Having waived his rights, the licensee accepts and undertakes to fulfill the sanctions imposed by the committee,” they add, before levying a penalty of $1,500, plus investigation costs in the amount of $550. Kilburn must also complete 30 CE credit hours within six months.