Saskatchewan levies fine for errors and omissions coverage

He failed to notify the insurance council upon discovering the failure to maintain the prescribed financial security req…

LIFE INSURANCE | October 05 2022 10:51AM
Missing supervision certificate results in fine

Regulator sanctions new agent for failing to satisfy supervisory requirements.

LIFE INSURANCE | September 14 2022 10:07AM
Fines levied for failing to meet continuing education requirements

Saskatchewan regulator sanctions agent for not completing sufficient coursework between 2017 and 2019.

LIFE INSURANCE | September 09 2022 03:42PM
Penalties levied for failing to maintain errors and omissions coverage

Violation of Saskatchewan council bylaws results in fine and an order to pay investigation costs.

LIFE INSURANCE | August 31 2022 02:49PM
Missing continuing education credits prove costly

Agents fined and assessed investigation costs for failing to meet continuing education criteria.

LIFE INSURANCE | July 20 2022 02:49PM
Regulators issue range of penalties for continuing education infractions

Across the country, regulators continue to sanction agents for failing to respond to audits and other continuing educati…

LIFE INSURANCE | July 07 2022 10:30AM
Failing to maintain errors and omissions insurance results in fine and costs

Life Insurance Council of Saskatchewan levies fine after firm admits misconduct.

LIFE INSURANCE | July 07 2022 09:40AM