Intact offers new work from home coverage

By The IJ Staff | December 04 2020 12:30PM

Photo: Freepik

Intact Financial Corporation announced Dec. 3 that it is offering new increased liability and home coverage to new and existing clients who work from home. Existing and new customers can also add identity theft coverage and cyber protection to their home policy at a discount, and access online mental health and well-being programs free for one year.

“We want customers to have peace of mind and we are focused on supporting their changing needs,” says Intact’s president of Canadian operations, Louis Gagnon. “During a time where so many are working from home, customers are searching for added value and thinking about their well-being.”

Identity theft coverage and cyber protection is available to add to a client’s home policy through the company’s my Identity program.  In addition to identity theft coverage and cyber protection, the program includes access to a legal information service line and offers consumer dispute coverage.

LifeSpeak, the mental health and well-being program being offered, is a series of videos, podcasts, tip sheets and video trainings that provide advice on different topics, such as stress and fatigue management, anxiety in children and teens, and work-life balance.

In auto insurance, meanwhile, the company is also offering customers personalized feedback and tips to help improve their driving, giving them the opportunity to earn up to 25 per cent off their auto insurance premiums using my Drive, the company’s usage-based  insurance program and application. The company is promoting the my Drive program by giving customers a 10 per cent enrollment discount for signing up.

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