IBC deploys assistance pavilion

By The IJ Staff | June 22 2020 02:30PM

The Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) has deployed its virtual Community Assistance Mobile Pavilion after a major hailstorm in Calgary.

The purpose of the pavilion is to help residents who are forced to cope with a damaging event -- such as a windstorm, wildfire, ice storm, torrential rains or another disaster -- access insurance-related information.

IBC and insurers ready to help

"Following the devastating hailstorm, we want to ensure that consumers know we are here to help," said Celyeste Power, vice president, Western, IBC. "Severe weather events like these are not only costly but cause significant turmoil and stress for homeowners. IBC and insurers are ready to assist residents and businesses that have suffered damage."

More than 20,000 claims have been reported to insurers and the insurance industry has activated response plans to assist policyholders who experienced damages from the severe storm.

Consumers should talk to insurance reps

In the meantime, IBC recommends consumers reach out to their insurance representative to understand their exact insurance coverage. For instance, damage to homes or businesses caused by hail or wind is usually covered under most residential and commercial insurance policies. The same kind of damage is usually covered for vehicles if the customer bought comprehensive or all perils car insurance.

IBC suggests consumers assess and document the potential damage, often by taking photos. They can then call their insurance representative to report the damage.

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