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By The IJ Staff | December 26 2022 09:44AM

The past 12 months were marked by increased regulatory scrutiny, in particular with respect to tiered recruitment.

  • The Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario proposed a compliance order against Greatway Financial Inc.  

Regulator proposes cease and desist order against Greatway Financial - Insurance Portal ( 

  • A joint review of three MGAs was led by the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario on behalf of six jurisdictions and the Canadian Council of Insurance Regulators

Joint regulatory review takes aim at tiered recruitment managing general agencies - Insurance Portal ( 

  • Sun Life reviewed its compensation structure for advisors. 

Sun Life revamping advisor compensation model - Insurance Portal ( 

  • Empire Life acquired and amalgamated a number of MGAs. 

Empire Life acquires six firms and forms new managing general agency - Insurance Portal ( 

  • In a letter to the editor, Experior shared its concerns about regulators’ report. 

Letter to the Editor - Experior responds to regulators’ report - Insurance Portal ( 

  • Individual insurance claims soared compared with 2019.

COVID-19: First two waves affected mortality - Insurance Portal ( 

  • In terms of growth, universal life premiums outpaced whole life premiums in the fourth quarter of 2021. 

Universal life insurance grows faster than whole life - Insurance Portal ( 

  • The insurance industry is shaping the discourse with governments about climate change and talking to clients about mitigating their own risks.  

Climate change is transforming the insurance industry - Insurance Portal ( 

  • CustomplanFinancial Advisors and OM Financial Inc. forged a strategic alliance. 

Two managing general agencies form strategic alliance - Insurance Portal ( 

  • Ontario regulator raised concerns that are not supported by facts, stated Greatway

Greatway Financial responds to regulator’s proposed order - Insurance Portal ( 

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