After a former agent was found to have submitted a fraudulent automobile claim on her own policy in Alberta, the Insurance Council of British Columbia is sanctioning Rilanne Simone Pardy for not informing the council that she was being sanctioned in her home province.

The penalty mirrors Alberta’s sanction in that Pardy’s license in British Columbia is being suspended until her one-year suspension in Alberta is also complete. Because she failed to inform the British Columbia regulator about disciplinary action against her, after being reminded to do so, the council says it is also appropriate for the former agent to complete the Council Rules Course prior to her suspension in that province being lifted, as well.

In its intended decision, the insurance council says it recognizes that Pardy made her license inactive within two weeks of the Alberta Insurance Council’s (AIC) decision being issued. “Given the inactive status of the licensee’s license since July 2023, council does not think it necessary to suspend her past the point that her AIC discipline is completed,” the intended decision states.

Provided false information  

Pardy’s license was revoked in July 2023 for submitting a claim on her own policy and providing false information about who was driving at the time of the relevant incident. 

“Council recognizes that the AIC has thoroughly investigated this matter and the licensee is already facing the consequences of her misconduct through Albertan discipline. As such, council takes the position that its role in this case should primarily be a reactive one, determining what action should be taken in light of the AIC’s decision (Pardy was also assessed a $5,000 civil penalty), rather than attempting to re-prosecute the licensee for conduct for which she has already been disciplined,” they write.

In addition to the suspension and remedial coursework, Pardy was also assessed the British Columbia regulator’s costs in the amount of $787.50.