Insurance Council cancels agent’s license

The Insurance Council of British Columbia issued a decision and order cancelling the agent’s license after the British C…

LIFE INSURANCE | January 07 2022 09:18AM
General insurance agent fined for not witnessing signatures

He admitted that he allowed Insurance Corporation of British Columbia transitional documents to leave his presence while…

P&C | October 29 2021 02:15PM
Agent sanctioned in British Columbia for not disclosing Ontario disciplinary history

The agent was fined after the insurance council discovered his undisclosed history of being sanctioned by the Registered…

P&C | October 25 2021 03:00PM
Use of personal USB drive to manage client documents ends in sanctions for rep

A regulator fined and ordered the rep to successfully complete several courses within 90 days.

P&C | September 23 2021 01:30PM
New agent sanctioned for client loan and undisclosed policy replacements

A regulator has ordered the life insurance agent to pay investigation costs and complete a series of courses.

LIFE INSURANCE | September 23 2021 08:34AM
Insurance regulator cancels agent’s life license

The Insurance Council of British Columbia cancelled the agent’s license after she was permanently banned from conducting…

LIFE INSURANCE | July 28 2021 02:24PM
Regulator imposes costs over $26K after licensee disputes intended decision

Failure to supervise dually licensed agents leads to sanctions for agency nominees.

P&C | July 26 2021 03:30PM