Distributing confidential information to competing companies nets $2,500 fine

Former agent sent both agent and client information to agencies in an effort to gain employment.

LIFE INSURANCE | May 01 2023 10:55AM
British Columbia cancels agent’s license for two years

Licensee accumulates more than $171,888 in debt with two insurers over terminated policies.

LIFE INSURANCE | April 27 2023 04:18PM
Insurance council bans rep for five years for borrowing money from clients

Mutual fund regulator’s case is ongoing.

LIFE INSURANCE | March 09 2023 04:28PM
Laid off nominee sanctioned for transferring business to new agency

Previous agency complains to regulators after it begins receiving transfer letters of brokerage.

P&C | January 09 2023 04:28PM
Agent fined for disclosing confidential client information to a third party

Discusses the insurability of a property his client was purchasing, causing the sale to fall through.

P&C | September 19 2022 10:45AM
Agent suspended one year for fraudulent disability claims on own policy

Agent also fined, assessed costs, ordered to undergo remedial education and must submit to two years of supervision.

P&C | September 16 2022 03:35PM
General agent suspended for misrepresentation

Processing her own car insurance renewals and misrepresenting the car’s principal operator, leads council to order one y…

P&C | August 09 2022 10:33AM