NFP acquires Ontario brokerage

NFP has announced the acquisition of a Toronto-based P&C insurance brokerage.

P&C | January 14 2021 02:00PM
U. S. insurance broker buys Montreal-based Ogilvy

U. S. insurance broker NFP extends company’s momentum in Quebec market.

LIFE INSURANCE | December 11 2020 03:00PM
NFP unifies business names in Canada

NFP, a New York-based P&C brokerage, announced that several of its Canadian insurance brokerage acquisitions are adoptin…

P&C | February 25 2020 03:15PM
U.S. P&C insurer acquires Indemnis

NFP Corp., a New York-based insurance broker and consultant providing property and casualty insurance, announced today t…

P&C | February 10 2020 03:30PM
Ten major acquisitions made in 2018

The Insurance Journal looks back at 10 major transactions that occurred over the last 12 months.

LIFE INSURANCE | December 17 2018 01:30PM
NFP acquires Capital Benefit Financial Group

NFP, a U.S. insurance broker, announced today that it has expanded its group benefits business in Canada with the acquis…

HEALTH | February 05 2018 01:30PM
Consolidators focusing on group firms

As aging owners of group insurance and benefits businesses prolong their careers, MGAs are busily buying small group ins…

HEALTH | May 11 2017 07:00AM