COVID-19 and digital transformation: CAILBA hopes new ways are here to stay

The chair of the CAILBA hopes the industry will not roll back the relief measures offered during the pandemic crisis.

LIFE INSURANCE | June 18 2020 03:30PM
Mental health issues can negatively impact clients’ financial decision-making

Mental health issues may have a negative influence on the financial decision-making of your clients and it is up to advi…

HEALTH | June 17 2020 04:16PM
Put crisis into perspective for anxious clients

Financial advisors going through their list of client phone calls during the COVID-19 pandemic must put the current cris…

LIFE INSURANCE | April 30 2020 10:26AM
Kidnap insurance addresses a growing need

There are about 20,000 reported kidnappings around the world each year. Specialized insurance covers not just ransom, bu…

SOCIETY | November 15 2019 01:24PM
Scam attempts becoming pervasive

Cyber breaches and fraud attempts are becoming so pervasive that they have become everyday occurrences for both vulnerab…

SOCIETY | November 06 2019 09:54AM
FSRA selects stakeholder advisory committee members

The Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario has finalized the membership of six stakeholder advisory committe…

LIFE INSURANCE | November 04 2019 11:47AM
FSRA seeks applicants for new stakeholder advisory committees

The Financial Services Regulatory Authority is creating six Stakeholder Advisory Committees this fall to serve as consul…

INVESTMENT | October 01 2019 01:22PM