Phil Marsillo calls on MGAs to mobilize

The event took place in Quebec City from April 17 to 19.

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Massive wealth transfer poses risk for unprepared advisors

Advisors should be engaging now with their clients’ adult children who will be inheriting their parents’ financial asset…

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Positive messaging may help your clients save more

Using conscious and non-conscious drivers of behaviour and language may be able to replace old savings practices with mo…

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Canadians are unprepared for the great wealth transfer

Some 98 per cent of Canadians appoint a family member as their executor – despite how complex and how risky this job has…

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Advisors well positioned to ensure clients address will and estate issues

Wills and trusts can be difficult for financial advisors and their clients if they don’t prepare ahead of time, an estat…

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Financial fraudsters are taking advantage of the pandemic

The pandemic has put a lot of activities on hold – at least for the time being – but not when it comes to money launderi…

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Inflation is near its peak, says economist

Sal Guatieri, director and senior economist with Bank of Montreal, forecasts that the inflation rate should be down to a…

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