Climate change: world is moving in the right direction

Despite the skepticism that followed COP26 in Glasgow, some experts are saying that the world is moving in the right dir…

SOCIETY | December 13 2021 10:40AM
Life insurance: Fitch assesses the Big 3

One insurer underwhelms the rating agency.

LIFE INSURANCE | May 26 2021 08:48AM
New accounting standards alter two agencies’ outlooks

Two ratings agencies will view insurance financial statements differently when IFRS 17 takes effect in conjunction with …

INVESTMENT | September 01 2020 09:30AM
Fitch downgrades Canada’s sovereign debt due to COVID-19

Fitch drops sovereign credit rating because of federal government debt.

SOCIETY | June 25 2020 01:30PM
COVID-19 put the kibosh on a major insurance industry transaction

The buyer tried to renegotiate the transaction amount due to the pandemic, to no avail.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP | May 22 2020 01:38PM
COVID-19: Desjardins life insurance results decline

Desjardins reported robust P&C insurance results, yet travel restrictions hobbled its life and health insurance results.

LIFE INSURANCE | May 19 2020 01:57PM
2019 outlook stable for Canadian life insurers, says Fitch

In the year to come, Fitch Ratings’ anticipates generally favorable macroeconomic conditions, which will remain supporti…

HEALTH | November 30 2018 01:30PM