The Alexander S. Melvin Leadership Award committee announced this week that it is seeking the nominations of leaders and professionals in the Canadian banking and insurance industries who serve as an example of the value of inspirational and ethical leadership. 

The award is named for Alex Melvin, who co-founded CANNEX and passed away in 2015. The annual award recognizes leaders who embody his values and have made a significant contribution to the financial services industry. 

The winner is selected by an organizing committee of representatives from the Canadian financial services industry, trade associations, and Melvin’s family.

“Recognizing inspiring, ethical leaders in the Canadian financial services is a powerful way to share stories that we hope will inspire future generations of leaders,” said Chris Cheesman, Director, Strategic Partnerships & Personal Lending, Manulife Bank, and a member of the award committee. “Alex was a mentor and example for others in the industry. The award highlights the value of his leadership traits to realizing long-term individual and organizational success.” Nominations for the 2022 award, which is underwritten by CANNEX, will be accepted through April 1, 2022. For more information and to submit a nomination, visit the Alexander S. Melvin Leadership Award website.

Last year’s winner was Terri Botosan, CEO of HUB Financial.