Fidelity Investments Canada ULC announced May 18 the launch of the Fidelity  Climate Leadership  Funds. 

The company says this suite of climate-focused investment products is designed to benefit from opportunities associated with a global transition to low carbon economy over the long term. 

"As climate related issues reshape the global financial landscape by creating both long-term risks and opportunities, financial advisors and investors are increasingly asking for actively-managed investment vehicles that aim to capitalize on this secular trend," stated Kelly Creelman, Senior Vice President, Products. 

The fund suite includes the Fidelity Climate Leadership Fund which aims to achieve long-term capital growth by investing in companies that are believed to be climate leaders, climate solutions providers or climate reformers. The fund is managed by portfolio manager Hugo Lavallée

The suite also includes the Fidelity Climate Leadership Bond Fund managed by portfolio managers Kris Atkinson and Sajiv Vaid. The third fund in the suite is the Fidelity Climate Leadership Balanced Fund, which is a blend of 60% Fidelity Climate Leadership Fund and 40% Fidelity Climate Leadership Bond Fund.