Coalition, a U.S.-based cyber insurance and security company, announced May 14 that it is expanding its offering to Canada-based companies, by providing proactive cybersecurity products and services and best-in-class cyber and technology error & omissions insurance.”

The company says it will now offer “up to CAD $20 million of comprehensive insurance coverage supported by the financial strength of Swiss Re…to companies with up to CAD $1 billion in annual revenue.”

Through its online platform, Coalition says licensed insurance brokers can generate a quote in minutes and “provide their clients with access to Coalition’s proprietary cybersecurity tools and services that are designed to detect, mitigate, and contain threats at no additional cost.”

Cyber risk is a global problem in need of a global solution,” said Shawn Ram, Head of Insurance at Coalition. “The future of cyber security and insurance are integrated solutions to protect against cyber incidents across all asset types. We’re excited to make this future a reality across the Canadian market.”