Following the modernization of benefits plans which have occurred over the past three years, Telus Health says there are five health benefits trends it is focused on in 2023, and summarizes these in a recent report, Top 5 health benefits trends of 2023.

“COVID-19 pushed an industry that was slowly digitizing to move quickly to meet the rapidly evolving needs of its employers and plan members,” they write. “Benefits plans are evolving to meet new expectations.” 

Saying benefits plans are on the cusp of transformation, they add that “virtual care will be the new normal, and benefits plans will have to be fluid and adaptable to serve the needs of the various plan populations who depend on them. Mental health will also continue to be a focal point,” they continue, adding that the cost of chronic conditions will also prompt plans to pay closer attention to prevention and holistic treatment care models.

First, they say virtual care is not only here to stay, it is a new standard of care. Mental health supports will continue to expand, employers are looking more closely at prevention, including wellness programs, and plans will become more personalized going forward.

“Employers are striving to bring their plans to life, not just investing in more offerings, but also customizing them,” they write. “It also means embracing navigation to steer members to the right care or coverage at the right time.” 

Finally, they say chronic disease care will be approached more holistically. “Chronic disease remains a top driver of plan costs and that trend is expected to continue,” they state. “Although drug therapies will still be central to treatment plans, more attention will be paid to complementary approaches.”