Portfolio diversification, active management and investing agility helped the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan Board through highly inflationary and difficult markets during the last six months.

The Board announced a total-fund net return of 1.2 per cent for the six-month period ended June 30, 2022, while the 12-month total-fund net return was 8.3%. Net assets grew to $242.5 billion. 

"In a tumultuous time for global markets and with the highest inflation rates we have seen in decades, we were able to deliver positive returns for our members and continue to make progress towards our goal of reaching $300 billion in net assets by 2030," said Jo Taylor, President and Chief Executive Officer. "These results show that diversification, active management and an agile investment approach enable us to generate returns in a wide array of investment environments and position us well to navigate through what is likely to be a challenging investment landscape over the next few years." 

Ziad Hindo, the Board’s Chief Investment Officer, said its diversified portfolio performed well despite inflation. The Board made deliberate efforts to tilt the asset mix towards those that perform well in inflationary environments, particularly commodities and infrastructure, said Hindo.