Full year fund sales decline

Only specialty and money market mutual funds record net sales in 2022.

INVESTMENT | January 26 2023 10:31AM
Life application activity declines in 2022

No matter which way you dice the data, recent activity no match for growth witnessed in 2021.

LIFE INSURANCE | January 19 2023 10:40AM
TD results in 2022: Wealth Management down 9.7%, Insurance 3.2%

The financial institution unveiled the fiscal 2022 results of these two sectors.

SOCIETY | December 16 2022 04:21PM
BMO earning: Declines of 10.6% in wealth management, 5.1% in insurance

The financial institution announced the fiscal 2022 results of these two segments.

SOCIETY | December 13 2022 10:49AM
Life application activity declines continue in November

Month-over-month activity rebounds in a pattern similar to that seen in 2021.

LIFE INSURANCE | December 09 2022 10:38AM
RBC earnings in 2022: Down 3.6% in insurance, up 19.7% in wealth management

The financial institution announced the year-end results of these two segments for 2022.

SOCIETY | December 08 2022 10:55AM
Mutual fund redemptions continued in October

Exchange-traded funds report net sales but fall short of year-over-year gains.

INVESTMENT | November 29 2022 10:38AM