Aviva’s insurance sales climb 13 per cent in first quarter

The British company published its insurance sales results on May 24.

P&C | June 07 2023 10:45AM
MIB reports on life insurance application activity in the U.S.

Growth returns in May 2023.

LIFE INSURANCE | June 07 2023 10:40AM
Empire Life increases earnings in first quarter 2023

The century-old insurer published its quarterly results on May 9.

LIFE INSURANCE | June 06 2023 10:50AM
Desjardins’ income falls 24 per cent in first quarter

The Group published its quarterly financial results on May 12.

SOCIETY | June 02 2023 10:49AM
Definity boosts earnings in the first quarter of 2023

The company released its quarterly financial results on May 12 in a conference call with analysts.

P&C | June 01 2023 10:55AM
Canada Pension Plan annualized return hits 10 per cent over 10 years

Infrastructure, private equity and active management offset declines in equities and fixed income.

INVESTMENT | May 29 2023 10:49AM
Mutual fund net assets increase despite investor net redemptions

Exchange-traded funds net sales continue.

INVESTMENT | May 26 2023 10:51AM