TDAM to close several funds

par The IJ Staff | June 12 2019 09:30AM


TD Asset Management (TDAM) announced June 10 that it intends to terminate seven funds on or about Sept. 6, 2019

The funds to be closed are:

  • TD Core Canadian Value Fund
  • TD Canadian Value Fund
  • TD Canadian Value Class
  • TD U.S. Low Volatility Currency Neutral Fund
  • Epoch European Equity Fund
  • TD Advantage Growth Portfolio
  • TD Advantage Aggressive Growth Portfolio

The funds are no longer accepting additional purchases, including purchases made through Pre‑Authorized Purchase Plans and Pre-Authorized Contribution Plans.

Securityholders may redeem or switch their holdings in a fund for settlement on, or prior to, the close of business on Sept. 6, 2019. TDAM says it will not charge securityholders any short-term trading fees, switch fees, sales charges or other fees related to the fund terminations.

On or about Sept. 6, 2019, TDAM will liquidate the holdings of the funds at fair market value, determine distributions and distribute the net assets to securityholders.

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